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Chris Zorn

Chris is a co-founder of The Contemplative Educator. He is an artist, musician and educator. For nearly 3 decades, he has used contemplative practices to deepen the learning experience for students of all ages from kindergartners to seniors. He has developed and taught a wide variety of curricula from outdoor wilderness education and traditional herbal medicine to classroom based art and music programs. He’s studied with indigenous teachers, contemplative masters from a number of traditions and for eight years taught world music in the InterArts department at Naropa University. For the past 17 years he has taught music, art and multimedia classes at the University Laboratory School to students of every grade level. He also helps coordinate the implementation of the school’s SEL curricula. He is a Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator incorporating the principles of appreciative inquiry into his classrooms and collaborative projects.

He is longtime practitioner of mindfulness meditation and, since 1990, has regularly participated in group and solitary retreats. He trained with Belgian pioneer Pat Patfoort in non-violent communication and conflict resolution, is a practitioner of similar material developed by Marshall Rosenberg (NVC) and from this work, created and taught an integrated 6th grade peace studies/art program.

He studied music and visual art at Naropa University, has a masters degree in ethnomusicology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a post-baccalaureate degree in education from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He is a curious lifelong learner and continues to study, practice and learn new things daily. You can find on-going examples of his art and music at Currently, he is co-writing a book with Laurie Faure about contemplative education in primary and secondary classrooms.

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Laurie Faure

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Laurie is a co-founder of The Contemplative Educator. She brings her environmental activism and deep commitment to our earth wherever she works. She has been involved in outdoor education programs in California, New Mexico and Hawaii. Laurie has led trail hikes, garden tours, stream clean-ups, and helped several organizations become involved in Adopt-A-Highway programs.

As an environmental educator in the classroom for the past sixteen years, Laurie has helped students understand the importance of stewardship and sustainability. She is a trained mindfulness educator and uses mindfulness practices to help students develop self-awareness that informs their relationships to others and our earth. Together with her students, she has planted gardens at every school where she has taught. The gardens are contemplative outdoor classrooms where lessons include all content areas, social and emotional learning, peace studies and contemplative inquiry practices. View one of her recognized student gardens: The Learning Landscape.

Laurie holds an undergraduate degree in environmental science and a master’s degree in education. She is a Fulbright Scholar and has received numerous grants and awards for her commitment to environmental education through school garden programs. When Laurie is not working in the garden she enjoys textile arts, cooking, hiking and travel.

Currently, she is a STEM specialist with the Hawaii DOE, planting new classroom gardens and is co-writing a book with Chris Zorn about contemplative education in primary and secondary classrooms.