Mindful Yoga and Contemplative Art
Instructors: Helena Kunst & Chris Zorn

Mindful Art and Contemplative Yoga FlyerOctober 20th, 2018 we’ll once again be co-teaching a yoga and art workshop – Mindful Yoga and Contemplative Art. This time, we’ll be at the Open Space Yoga Studio at Diamond Head. You can check out the flyer here.

Just like yoga, contemplative art is a way of cultivating presence. It helps bring us to the state of full awareness, where spontaneous expression flourishes. In this workshop, we’ll combine yoga and other body centered movements of yoga with simple contemplative art practices. In the process, we’ll connect with our creative source and learn to nurture this aspect of ourselves, which is all too often ignored in our fast paced, modern world. Connecting with and expressing our creativity helps us feel more balanced and alive and offers us a sense of relaxed spaciousness as we move through our everyday lives.