Our Work

The Contemplative Educator is an collective dedicated to helping educators everywhere bring contemplative and reflective inquiry alive in every learning environment. We create and support opportunities for learners of all ages to practice the experiential methods of internal inquiry and reflection developed by the many contemplative traditions of the world, and offer support for embarking on the lifelong, oft-untraveled journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

Our Workshops and Offerings

Through group and individual coaching and a wide variety of seminars, workshops and longer professional development programs, we guide and support teachers and school leaders to develop and refine their own reflective practices, social and emotional skills and appreciative mindsets. We help them develop the confidence to teach, model and facilitate positive social and emotional skills and contemplative inquiry in any classroom or learning environment. We empower teachers and leaders from all walks of life to deepen and authentically express their passion for education and our inherent interconnectedness with all things.

By drawing on a variety of contemplative and reflective practices from the rich tapestry of the world’s traditions and combining them with the more recently developed practices and mindsets of appreciative inquiry, we help educators create uplifted and positive learning environments which encourage each individual to trust and fully develop their own unique particularity. This process naturally creates joyful and relaxed learning spaces. It also deepens our own self-awareness and our understanding of the rich interconnections we share with one another and our environment.

Over time, through our own direct experience, we build positive social and emotional (SEL) skills and gain confidence in our ability to model and teach them regardless of the learning environment in which we find ourselves. We develop confidence in our own authenticity and this, in turn, positively impacts our attitude and outlook in the classroom.